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Greater Change

Greater Change

Greater Change: Doesn't provide shelter Doesn't provide shelter
Greater Change: Provides guidance Provides guidance
Greater Change: Provides new skill learning Provides new skill learning
Greater Change: Doesn't accept time Doesn't accept time
Greater Change: Doesn't accept things Doesn't accept things
Greater Change: Accepts money Accepts money

Service Type

Fundraising for people engaging with support services

Eligibility & Referral

Anyone homeless or at immediate risk of homelessness. The referral must come from a support worker.

Service Description

Greater Change supports people financially by fundraising for people who are engaging with support services, and who have been referred by their support worker.

The aim is to meet the financial goals of people moving on from homelessness - for example, skills courses, rent deposits, and ID. The fundraising can be for anything that will help the person move out of homelessness in a sustainable way. 

We only spend money on things which will make a long-term difference, and support workers will only refer people who are committed to making long-term change.

Key functions & activities offered

  • Raising money to help fund things people need to move on from homelessness or avoid becoming homeless
  • All funds raised go towards enabling individuals to meet these financial goals
  • Emotional support during the transit from homelessness to a new life